Far From Yourself

capo 1st fret

C                                                 Bb  F     
She's finding out about weakness
C                                    Bb  F
bulding walls, only to fall
C                                              Bb                         F
you denied yourself human feelings for selfish wealth
                    Gm                         Bb    
And you've never been, never been
so far from yourself

      C                    Bb               F
my love is gone, gone, carry on

Remember when I told you?
I loved you more than myself
I've cried and I've cried
and it turns out I lied
and you've never been, never been
so far from yourself

C                                                Bb                    F        
and you're running and you've got noplace to go
C                 Bb                   F    
you deny everything you know
C                                             Bb                           F
and you're looking for something that will show you
C          Bb F
the way
C                          Bb F
show you the way

I'm finding out about weakness
you tighten your belt, you carry the load
you don't deserve a tear or ill word
and you've never been, never been
so far from yourself

my love is gone, gone, carry on

Well I'm walking around in a nightmare
she's lying down with another man
selfish love and the lies you told
broke my heart and you buried my soul
and you've never been, never been
so far from your self

I'm alright, I've got to keep on standing tall
and I'm scared of the devils in the night that call
and I'm stronger, so I stand up when I fall
carry on

in the nighttime
in the daytime
in the daytime