Jon Trafton

e  a  d (x8)
e  a  d
what a day a difference makes
e  a  d
one hand gives the other takes
e  a  d
polish off your old mistakes
a  e  
and leave them to be swept away
a  d  a

toe the line or pay the price
let the phone ring more than twice
i tried to drink but it was ice
a little water would be nice

e      a
water, water
d   a   c   e 
i'll never waste another drop
e      a
water, water
d    a   c   e
i'll never waste another drop (yeah)

try to stick with what you know
steady wins the race, now go.
keep it simple, let it roll
just like water let it flow

there's a place to slow the time
a forest pool collects the light
it pours itself into my eyes
and drinking in i realize


solo over verse

push a mountain up the hill
and perch it on a windowsill
take a cup and have your fill
i am only thinking here

keep a watch and lie awake
count the time and don't be late
the bough that bends will surely break
if it shoulders all the weight

(chorus) x2

couple of times through the verse progression
and then out.

Jon plays a riff after the d in each verse e a d progression something like